Spontaneous dancing at First Friday, Oakland, CA. September 2016

Every First Friday of each month Oakland, CA.has the privilege to host a short festival that varies in time from around 3 p.m. till 9.30 p.m. latest whereby all cultures are welcomed to participate, or just enjoy the festive.

On September 2016, I had so much fun since my friend Kabi and I picked up some musical instruments like the shaker and the limbo, thus we joined the rest of the artists by making more beats with them.
Since I’m a huge fun of pictures, we therefore went ahead and started dancing right in front of everyone else and duhhh!!!! we took various shots. Moreover, after I placed back the instrument that I held, I went ahead and started dancing in which my body was shaking in an energetic manner. 

Since the day was still young, we both continued to other booths whereby Kabi had the advantage of buying some African earings of which I was envious of her since I came with only budgeted money to buy food if needed be.

To my surprise, I passed by a familar face, and for all those who know me,…lol I stopped and asked the guy straight up!!! Are you the guy from my gym which is located in Antioch, CA? he said yes!!!! the funny part was that I had met him for the first time the day prior when he was working on the ” arm extension ” gym equipment. After having a chit chat with him plus after introducing him to my friend, I therefore invited him to a night club that we were heading afterwards which was AU lounge. πŸ˜‚ majority of my friends named it ” African Union ” club, but my intelligent pal corrected me by saying it’s short form for gold since she quite remembers her periodic table very well. 

After we parted ways, my buddy and I walked a couple of blocks until she found a restroom that she really needed to use. As usual, I started socializing with the people around me one of them being a security guard that was working there by guiding and guarding people just to make sure that we were all safe. 

Not in a bad way, but one thing that struck me about him other than his wonderful personality was the fact that he was brown skin, a handsome individual, seemed young like around late 20’s, yet unfortunately he was closing his mouth as often as he could while he spoke since most of his teeth were crooked, or half way cracked plus some were missing. 

I was deeply touched, for I know I’m quite going through a similar situation. I almost asked him what happened to him, but I let that conversation pass. 

As soon as Kabi returned to where I was standing with the guard, since we were expecting 2 of our close male friends, we headed right away towards the direction that they were at. 

We were so glad as soon as we saw them. Little did we know that we would become separated for a lil while since Kabi went with Jomo and Kevin and I were stuck together!

I knew Kabi had a wonderful break from me since I was socializing with everyone till she wished for me to be a mayor of San Fransisco one day, for it seemed like I knew people from each and every block.

Kevin and I enjoyed ourselves to a maximum. We danced to slow songs at some point, went back to the original place where Kabi and I were and continued dancing our night away. 

Gladly since Kevin and I  were not ashamed of  dancing in front of the huge crowd, both of our other friends found us and started recording us. 

It was a long and a beautiful night whereby I enjoyed spontaneously meeting some of my other cool friends who were Roxanna my namesake of whom I haven’t seen for almost a decade, Dr. Anthony, Dr. Chemtai, Paula, Terry, and some newer friends like Womba of whom we met plus introduced myself to her at an art venue. 

All in all since it takes ” forever ” to download a video over here whereby especially since I’m using my do – able phone for now. If you are ever free in between 3 p.m. – 9.30 p.m. every first Friday of each month, check it out.

Feel free to Google them so you can get the exact details for each up – coming event. 

By Shiro Thumbi aka crownshi3